Park House Healthcare

Park House Healthcare is recognised as the market leading supplier of specialist pressure area care equipment, hospital beds and moving & handling equipment to the NHS, Acute Community and Nursing Home Sectors. Our innovative product portfolio encompasses a range of clinically proven healthcare solutions, fully supported by expert clinical training programmes. We offer a dedicated service provision across all of our products, including professional equipment auditing.

Hybrid-Turn Mattress

The Hybrid-Turn is a unique hybrid mattress concept. This mattress offers the traditional benefits of high specification visco-elastic foam and true alternating therapy by rotating the mattress. Suitable for patients weighing up to 247 kg and are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

In one easy turn this mattress allows for immediate step down or step up to a full body length alternating surface.

Hybrid-Air Mattress

The Hybrid-Air is a non-powered self-regulating hybrid mattress that adjusts with body movement. The support surface sits within a 'U' shaped foam base, to provide maximum support during patient transfers

The Hybrid-Air is suitable for patients weighing up to 247kg and at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

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