Park House Healthcare

 Our Green Commitment

At Park House Healthcare we continually strive to be an environmentally conscious organisation and to integrate sustainability into our business decisions.  We recognise the importance of  implementing best green practices to reduce our ecological footprint and minimize  resources consumption. Since choosing to "go green", we have considerably increased our business efficiency by cutting costs and creating a healthier workplace.

 The Green Team

The Green Team was developed with the view to improve the company's environmental awareness. The team encompass staff from all areas of the business, joining forces to identify environmental objectives and implement actions to ultimately reduce the carbon footprint. Team approach has been crucial to the implementation and success of "going green" initiatives and will continue to play an important part in the ongoing compliance with the ISO14001 standard.


IEMA Park House Healthcare


 2015 Report

We are pleased to announce a number of waste reductions for 2015. Our General Waste stream fell by over 37%, including mattress waste from customers. In addition we again provided a mattress disposal service to our customers. This waste stream grew by 79.3%, from 10.32 tonnes to 18.50 tonnes, meaning that the total general waste disposed of in 2015 was 37.34 tonnes. In 2015 we only had just 1 skip of polystyrene waste, reduced from 7 skips and 2 x 40ft lorry loads in 2014.

The Park House Healthcare fleet brought further pleasing results in 2015. Our fleet increased by 16 vehicles as well as replacing all but two of our cars with brand new environmentally friendly Euro 6 complaint leased cars. In March we introduced an updated telemetric tracking system with enhanced monitoring functionality. The fleet MPG improved again from 31.59 MPG to 33.77 MPG, we made 13% saving on total fuel expenditure compared to 2014 and the fleets CO2 emissions also fell.