Park House Healthcare

Twenty-three Success Stories at Park House Healthcare

Mon, 28 Sep 2009

On Monday 28th September, an awards ceremony was held for twenty three staff members at Park House Healthcares’ Corporate Headquarters in Birkenshaw.

Qualifications in Customer Services, IT and Coaching skills were presented to colleagues by Carolyn Wright, Principal of Joseph Priestly College.

Over the past four years Park House Healthcare and Joseph Priestley College have worked in partnership on a series of staff development programmes aimed at improving all round business and personal performance.
“All employees are encouraged to participate in training programmes as we recognise that our biggest investment will always be in our people and their development has a high priority here at Park House Healthcare.” - Stephen Owens, Managing Director.

“We are delighted that our partnership with Park House Healthcare has brought such tangible benefits to the company and its staff and to ourselves. Our working together has helped us to contribute to government training targets which ultimately support local regeneration and national competitiveness.” - Carolyn Wright, Principal.

Further courses in First Line Management, Training the Trainer and Sales and Customer Service are planned for the next six months as part of the staff development programme.