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New Product News - Advance Cover Technology

Fri, 08 Apr 2011

Park House Healthcare is the first company in the healthcare industry to introduce Advance Cover Technology across their complete range of static mattresses and overlays.


Through partnering with numerous NHS Trusts countrywide, Park House Healthcare recognised that there is a real need for a more robust mattress solution; one that is able to withstand the demands of modern day healthcare environments, including busy Acute Hospital Trusts.

Committed to facilitating the needs of the industry Park House Healthcare developed the new Advance Mattress Range - a range of effective mattress solutions that are strong, durable and sophisticated enough to deliver the highest levels of pressure area care.

This innovation is indicative of Park House Healthcare’s continued commitment to researching and developing new products that are not only high quality, but can actually help organisations to meet National Care Quality Commission (CQC) Regulations and achieve positive patient outcomes.


Key Features
The Advance Cover Technology provides an advanced outer cover that is stronger, more durable and far less susceptible to the damage that can be caused during general use, including repeat laundering and strikethrough. The enhanced strength of the high frequency welded seams provides a greater resistance to fluid ingress, helping to further reduce the risk of healthcare associated infection (HCAIs).




Mattress Best Practice

To encourage ‘mattress best practice’ in all healthcare organisations the Advance Mattresses also include MHRA approved cleaning and self auditing guidelines clearly printed on the covers. These comprehensive guidelines are designed to help Trusts ensure that their mattresses are used and maintained in accordance with industry specific standards. 



What does this mean for you?
• Higher standards of care in your organisation
• Reduced infection rates
• Improved audit results (reduced number of mattress failures)
• Greater budget control (less money spent replacing mattresses)
• Conformance to National CQC Regulations



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