Park House Healthcare

Park House Healthcare celebrate Founders Day with the Chelsea Pensioners

Wed, 15 Jun 2011

Park House Healthcare Celebrate Founder’s Day at the Royal Hospital Chelsea



Park House Healthcare was honoured to be invited to The Royal Hospital Chelsea, to celebrate Founder's Day with the Chelsea Pensioners. Susan Dolman and Donna McQuire were privileged to represent Park House Healthcare at this very prestigious event, where dignitaries such as Prince Harry honoured the military veterans.


The Royal Hospital Founder’s Day is held every year for friends of the Royal Hospital to join in the rich social life of the community and experience for themselves the wonderful legacy of King Charles II, Founder of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Held on a day close to the 29th May it celebrates the birth date of King Charles II as well as the date of his restoration as King in May 1660.




In 1681 King Charles II issued a Royal Warrant for the foundation of a hospital that was intended for the succour and relief of Land Soldiers who were, or would be old, lame or infirm in the Service of the Crown. More than four centuries later the Royal Hospital is still here for today’s young soldiers on the front line when they retire.


Founder’s Day is also known as Oak Apple Day, as it commemorates the escape of the future King Charles II after the Battle of Worcester in 1651, when he hid in an oak tree to avoid capture by the Parliamentary forces. During the course of this celebratory day the statue of King Charles II in Figure Court is partly shrouded in oak leaves and all participants in the Parade and spectators also wear sprigs of oak leaves in remembrance of King Charles II.



Park House Healthcare are proud to work closely with The Royal Hospital Chelsea and was honouored and privileged to have been invited to such a royal event.