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A new era in acute care - the Endeavour 3000 Acute Care Bed

Thu, 31 May 2012

Park House Healthcare launch a new era in acute care - the Endeavour 3000 Acute Care Bed


Over the last two years Park House Healthcare have invested heavily in the development of new products, which has resulted in accelerated success in acute sector. The Endeavour 3000 Acute Care Bed - the first of three models in the new Endeavour Bed Range - has been specifically designed and engineered to meet the nursing requirements of the modern day acute hospital.


Built around four main principles - Patient Safety, Infection Prevention, Moving & Handling and Efficient Servicing - the Endeavour 3000 has a variety of specialist functions; integral safety sides, separate nurse & patient controls, dual auto-regression and one-button activated CPR & Cardiac chair, each one designed to accommodate the ranging applications in acute care.





As well as the clinical functionality an equally as important element of nursing care was at the forefront of the design process - Infection Prevention. IP66 ingress protection on all components means the Endeavour 3000 is compatible with all cleaning procedures, whilst the open design allows unrestricted access to all areas of the bed for cleaning purposes, and also for service and maintenance accessibility.


The development stages
Park House Healthcare worked closely with specialists in the healthcare arena to identify exactly what was needed from an acute care bed. Bringing together key opinion leaders in the fields of Manual handling, Medical engineering, Tissue viability, Infection prevention and Procurement was invaluable in validating the specification in line with actual market, departmental and clinical demands.





Future proofing the Endeavour 3000

The key objective was to innovate and bring to market an acute care bed that was built for purpose, with an aesthetic appearance that was second to none. Computer Aided Design (CAD) helped this project progress very quickly, as it enabled the mechanics of the bed to be validated before putting any materials into production, saving not only time, but significant costs also.

With the planned changes in entrapment standards due to take effect from 2013, ensurance that the new bed was fully compliant with all safety standards and legislation, including the new IEC 60601-2-52 combined standard (specific to Electrically Actuated Medical Beds) was essential. Future proofing the bed at this stage meant that as new standards come into effect, no additional enhancements would be needed, guaranteeing longevity and exceptional value for money.



What does this mean to the NHS?
The Endeavour 3000 Acute Care Bed is by far the most anticipated chapter in the Park House Healthcares’ history and underpins one of their key initiatives - ‘helping patients get better quicker.’ A number of studies have shown that that the introduction of Electric Profiling Beds has contributed toward a reduction in hospital developed pressure ulcers, in turn reducing the length of patients’ stay in hospital and associated costs (HSE SIM 7/2007/10).


The Endeavour 3000 is availbale from May 2012


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