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Park House Healthcare supports Worldwide STOP Pressure Ulcer Day

Tue, 22 Oct 2013

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day Park House HealthcarePressure ulcers are a serious, painful and distressing problem for the patient. They also pose a considerable economic burden for the society. However, an overwhelming majority of healthcare acquired pressure ulcers are in fact preventable. 

Appropriate preventative actions and procedures should be introduced, but most importantly they should be implemented and executed in health care units. Nevertheless, before that will be possible, we need to help raise wider awareness of this distressing problem first. 

Join the Worldwide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day and help improve the quality of care and alleviate the situation of many patients touched by this problem.

EPUAP and Park House Healthcare would like to invite you to get involved in this year’s Worldwide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day on November 21st 2013.

Remember awareness starts with you!

For more information about the Worldwide Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2013 visit