Park House Healthcare

Our 2014 Waste & Fleet Environmental Reports

Tue, 17 Mar 2015


Park House Healthcare can report excellent results from their 2014 Waste and Fleet organisational analysis. These outcomes reflect  positively on the company-wide Green Commitment with the organisation striving to be environmentally conscious and integrate sustainability into all of their business decisions.  

The main waste streams are general waste, cardboard, paper, polythene and metalwork. Due to Park House Healthcare’s continued waste reduction, waste segregation and supplier packaging reduction programmes, a massive reduction in the total waste streams was achieved during 2014

Park House Healthcare achieved a waste reduction on-site of over 60% in comparison to 2013. Metalwork waste reduced by over 14% and cardboard & polythene wastes fell by 8.5%, with even further reductions being expected in 2015 due to packaging alterations.

Park House Healthcare’s eco-driving training available for all company staff, with 10% of company drivers being trained on a monthly basis. As a result, fuel usage per vehicle has reduced. The fleet miles per gallon improved by over 10%, and the fleet CO2e emissions fell to 9.78 Tonnes per vehicle, from 10.01T in 2013. These pleasing results enabled Park House Healthcare to win the 2014 Energy Savings Trust's Fleet Hero Awards for ECO Driving.