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The decontamination process
• Non-directional (one-way) flow from contaminated equipment entering the centre to clean equipment being returned to the client - contaminated equipment enters via the red zone and is completely segregated from clean equipment in the blue zone

• Mattress covers and cell systems undergo thermal decontamination in state of the art Miele washer-extractors - specialist cleaning component then continues to kill bacteria for up to 72 hours after the cycle has finished.

• Advanced data acquisition system records evidence of the temperatures reached and their holding times throughout the cycle - a printed recording of this can be supplied with every piece of decontaminated equipment.

• Equipment can be tracked and traced at every stage of the decontamination process to ensure it is returned in a timely, efficient manner and in accordance with client requirements.


Specialist thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programmes safely decontaminate soiled equipment, in accordance with Department of Health NHS Guidelines - HSG(95)18 & CFPP 01-04

Innovative technology combines powerful heaters with faster programme cycles for a high cleaning performance and dependable, validated results.

Load-size specific wash cycles and an enhanced water recovery module significantly reduce energy and water consumption, taking financial and environmental benefits to the next level.


Market leading approach
All UK Service Centres are fully equipped with specialist Miele washer-extractors and purpose built decontamination facilities, to ensure the highest standards in infection prevention. They have the capacity to offer a vast range of bespoke, contracted or ad-hoc decontamination solutions for mattress systems and covers, as well as other medical devices such as electric profiling beds, hoists and pump units.

All infection prevention and cleaning policies are written in accordance with the most current legislation and guidance from industry recognised bodies;

• Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
• Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
• British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)
• UK Department of Health

Each Service Centre is independently audited by microbiological specialists, ensuring complete compliance with the strict infection prevention standards of today’s healthcare industry.


Tracking and Traceability
All equipment can be tracked and traced electronically at every stage of the decontamination process. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are used to effectively manage workflow and create a clear audit data trail. RFID tags also enable equipment to be traced once it leaves a Service Centre, ensuring it is returned in a timely, efficient manner and in accordance with customer requirements.


Proactive solutions 24/7
Our extensive network of state of the art Service Centres provides 24/7 customer response capability nationwide. Each site is expertly equipped to proactively respond to a customer’s every need. Whether it is general service & maintenance, a contracted decontamination solution or emergency assistance, our highly trained technicians are only a phone call away.


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Decontamination Solutions Brochure

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Caring Times Case Study

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CFPP 01-04 Engineering equipment and validation manual

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CFPP 01-04 Guidance for linen processors implementing BS EN 14065

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CFPP 01-04 Management and Provision Manual

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CFPP 01-04 Social Care Manual

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“We were very impressed with the decontamination facilities and processes which were demonstrated to us at Park House Healthcare’s, Service and Training Centre and following our visit we entered into a contact.

Park House Healthcare collects our contaminated equipment, decontaminates it and returns it back to us twice a week, which is excellent for us due to the constant demands form our partners. We can also be assured that the returns have all met the Department of Health Guidelines and a decontamination certificate is enclose with every return.”

Alan Burns
Contract, ICIL and Joint Equipment Store